Blue Floral Giclee Prints can liven up any room – By Sophia Rae

8 Jul

Does your master bedroom lack color? Could your guest bathroom use a focal point? Is there something missing from the family room? Sophia Rae has the solution. This Blue Floral Giclee Print with a cream colored wood frame is perfect for any room in your house.

Artwork Highlights include:

  • Printed giclee artwork – A printing process where millions of ink droplets are sprayed onto the paper’s surface, Glicee (French for “to spray”) is a standard for museums and galleries around the world.
  • Cream colored wooden frame
  • Ring and Wire hanger
  • Covered with glass

The beauty of flowers are timeless and can be worthy of contemplation in any room.

Blue Floral Giclee Print with a Cream Colored Wood Frame

The beauty of flowers are timeless and can be worthy of contemplation in any room.


Dining Room Ideas: Room Renovation 101

10 Apr

Whether you have recently moved or have been in your home for 30 years, renovating a room in your house can be exciting and bring new life to an otherwise dull room.  A little paint goes along way, but so too does a chair rail with some wainscoting. Here are step by step dining room ideas to transform your room and to show you how simple it actually is to create a beautiful dining room that friends and family will be talking about for many dinners to come.

Step #1: White walls look like an insane asylum

No matter whom you talk to, white is definitely not the new black. Nor should it be your primary color in a sophisticated dining room where entertaining is the top priority. In my house for less than 3 months, I was left with a flat enameled white wall with an off white flat chair rail. Yuk! Not sure why someone would paint a chair rail off white with white walls, but this is for  a different story altogether. So, the first thing I did was pain the chair rail high gloss white.

dining room ideas: Room transformations 101

How to make a dull dining room come alive

Step #2: Dining room renovations commence

The first step in preparing the ugly white dining room was to prep the walls and chair rail. Wipe the entire wall, top and bottom, with a damp cloth. This will ensure that there is no dust or dirt influencing the look of the fresh paint. Also, take a sandpaper #2 grade, and quickly go over the exisiting chair rail. This will also ensure proper paint techniques, but also remove any bumps that might create an eye sore after the new paint is placed.

Quick Tip #1

secure paint can on ladder

Securing a paint can on a ladder is a great way to prevent spills

secured pain can on ladder and cardboard

secured paint can on ladder and cardboard

Step #3: Let’s Paint!

I’ve learned from experience that you should always let your wife or significant other choose the color…not because I think I am incapable, but because I am the one actually doing the painting and would rather not go through trial and error during this process. After all, this is a “weekend” project. If you can agree on a color, the better. We chose to use a midnight silver for the top half of the room. Accenting the soon to be dark black distressed furniture. Also, this allows for the bottom half to remain high gloss white which will accent the grey even more. Have a look…

Dining room painted silver

Silver accents to dining room create an elegant contrast to the high gloss white.

Silver accent paint bounces off the high gloss chair rail

Step #4: Wainscoting isn’t just for bathrooms anymore

While the silver paint looked awesome, I wanted to take it a few steps further in the overall feel of the dining room renovation. So, below the existing chair rail, newly painted white, I wanted to extend the wainscoting in vertical planks separated by about two feet apart…creating a much more elegant feel and would make the high gloss white pain bounce even more. However, there was a slight problem.  When placing a plank in between the chair rail and the baseboard, it stuck out just enough to be bothersome. So, the simple task of buidling out the chair rail just slightly to enable the vertical planks to create a perfect fit below it needed to be done.  Here is a pic that shows how to extend an existing chair rail.

adding length to chair rails

Adding length to a chair rail to allow for vertical planks and a perfect fit without an overhang.

Step #5: Wainscoting planks are ready to be installed

After adding length to the entire chair rail and base boards around the dining room, simply cut the length of the planks so slip right into the space. Remember to place the planks about 2-3 feet apart for even distribution.

wainscoting planks

adding wainscoting to any room will make it more elegant.

Step #6: Finish off the windows to ensure an elegant view

With the addition to the rails, do not neglect the windows. This is the time to address the windows before painting. So, add a molding of your choice around the window preferably with a pre-primed trim. (less coats of paint later).

dining room window molding

Dressing up the windows now ensures a much more finished look.

Step #7: Let the painting begin

Now the fun part. After all the hard work is complete, start painting the chair rail, wainscoting, window treatments and any existing moldings in the dining room. The contrast with the silver paint will bounce like no other and finally you will get to see what the finished product is going to look like.

Painting wainscoting in your dining room will create an elegant look

High Gloss wainscoting will shine and make the room electric

Step #8: Enjoy your dining room

Take a moment to enjoy what you’ve just created. An elegant dining room that is sure to please the pickiest of family and friends. More pics to come once furniture is placed.

Tip #2: Once the room is complete, do not skimp on the electric socket outlet plates or the chandelier. To save money on replacing or buying a new chandelier, you can buy lamp shades that sit on top of the existing bulbs. Unless you have the money to buy a high end chandelier, then go for it!

If you would like any more info regarding this room transfermation, please do not hesitate to contact me directly. I look forward to hearing your comments and sharing your feedback.

Happy dining room renovating!

–Chris Surovick

For more dining room ideas and home decor accessories, check out

Currey golden leaves table lamp – Featured Table Lamp

13 Jan Currey Golden Leaves Table Lamp

Currey golden leaves table lamp shows reproductions of architectural elements create a unique large scale lamp with a lot of presence.  Renaissance has a black linen shade with a gold lining for enhanced lighting.

Currey Golden Leaves Table Lamp

Currey Golden Leaves Table Lamp



  • Black and Gold Leaf Finish
  • Inspired by Architectural elements
  • Black Linen Shade
  • Gold Lining Enhances Lighting
  • Composite and Wood Materials
  • 3-Way Switch
16/14 x 18/16 x 13

Home Furnishings by the Numbers

29 Aug
Picture of a common measuring tape in inches. ...

Picture of a common measuring tape in inches. It is divided into 1/32nd of an inch. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Decorating your home can be fun, entertaining and downright exciting! But, if you buy home furnishings online, the product arrives, and you quickly set it up to see what it looks like and the measurements are all wrong, you will not be happy and it will take a lot of your time and energy to fix the situation. Follow these handy measurement tips and check back often as we will continue to add to help save you time and money!  Keep this indispensible guide handy…also, feel free to share additional measurement tips with me and I will post on the blog as well.

#1. Round tables vs. Rectangular tables

  • 36-inch wide rectangular table is just enough for a conversation table
  • 48-inch diameter round table will seat 6 comfortably
  • 60-inch diameter round table will seat 8 standard dining room chairs

#2. Overhead lighting

  • Add the length & width of the room by feet and that number is the diameter needed for an appropriate sized overhead light or chandelier
    • i.e. a 20×20 foot room = a 40-inch diameter wide chandelier

#3. Painting

  • 1-gallon of paint will be enough for one coating of a 400-square foot room
    • Usually 2 coats are required!

#4. Mounting Curtains

  • Curtains should be suspended as high as possible to make the room look taller
  • Have the break near the floor be 1 ½ inches from the floor

#5. Kitchen Islands

  • Keep the height at 38-inches for natural prepping positioning
  • Size of surface should be based on the size of the room, but should not take up more than 1/3 of the open floor space

#6. Curtains

  • 2 ½ Xs width of window; two panels each should be 1 ¼ times the width
  • Rods should be 20 inches wider than windows (10 inches on either side)
  • Makes the illusion of a wider window from inside!

#7. Chandelier height

  • Bottom of dining room chandelier should be 36 inches above the table surface

#8. Light Switches

  • 36 inches above the florr and 2 inched to the side of door trim

#9. Sofa Fabric

  • Standard 84-inch sofa with exposed legs, 14 yards of plain 53-inch wide fabric; plus 2 yards for a skirt

#10. Have FUN!

Measure EVERYTHING and have fun doing it. Home furnishings are meant to be fun and show your creative side. Please contact us for questions and we look forward to being your design consultants.  Thanks! –Sophia Rae

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